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Loyalty matters to your future marketing programme

Our consultants provide specialist independent advice, assisting client companies in the management of their customer or business-to-business loyalty marketing programme. We offer the benefits of practical experience in designing, implementing and marketing customer and business-to-business loyalty programmes. The consultancy has concentrated on the future development options for this area and their relevance to 21st century marketing.

All consultancy advice is independent and balanced in its view of the relative effectiveness of this market approach.

If your company is considering developing a loyalty scheme or has an existing programme that has not delivered the return on investment you expected, then pgw consultants can assist you to:

  • review the building blocks of launching a successful loyalty programme;
  • audit an existing programme and recommend changes;
  • run an internal workshop for your management team to better understand the benefits and limitations of this form of marketing initiative;
  • provide a detailed action plan to implement or improve your loyalty.

In simple terms, a loyal customer visits more often and spends more; there is significant potential for increasing earnings from the existing customer base. It is now an established concept that the retention of existing customers is cheaper than the acquisition of new ones by a factor of five in your marketing budget.

Loyalty drives behaviour both internally with your employees and externally with your customers and business partners to make a significant impact on performance and sales.

In the over-supplied and ultra-competitive 21st century retailing environment, the loyalty of your most profitable customers is crucial to your overall ability to survive as a business. If you are unable to identify your customers in terms of their strategic significance and profit contribution, you lack the evaluation techniques necessary to target your marketing effectively.

pgw Ltd has the experience and expertise to guide your marketing team through this crucial area of business development. All consultancy advice given is independent and balanced in its view of the relative effectiveness of this market approach.

Strategic overview, programme development and implementation, audit of existing schemes or merged programme options can all be presented in the context of your industry sector opportunities.

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