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The Hofmeyr Conversion Model

Many approaches to measurement of customer loyalty focus on behaviour since behaviour not attitudes is what ultimately influences a company bottom line. The understanding of the psychology of consumer attitudes is an area in which relatively few models exist. The Conversion Model originally developed by Dr J Hofmeyr is one approach to trying to rationalise the inconsistency between customers expressed satisfaction levels and actual repeat purchase behaviour. The model is useful in that it attempts to identify the commitment of the consumer and is therefore a predictor of 'positive preference loyalty' as opposed to inertia or limited choice loyalty.

Analysis of brand position & competitors (brand equity)
Analyses conversion potential of users and non-users (demographic & psychological differentiators)
Anticipates effectiveness of marketing strategies (own brand & competitor)
Need satisfaction
Involvement in the category
Attitude to alternatives
Intensity of ambivalence
Attitudinal questionnaires

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