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The Loyalty Maze


Does your business need to implement a loyalty programme to assist your customer retention, acquisition and frequency of contact? Will you need a customer data base and what sort of technical platform should you adopt? pgw Ltd consultants can give you clear, independent advice on this most fundamental of decisions. Once started loyalty schemes are difficult to stop and if launched with the wrong design or objectives they can be expensive to modify. Ensure you get the correct advice upfront before you enter the loyalty maze.


Does your company have the right loyalty scheme? Is the loyalty programme supporting the main strategy of your company marketing? pgw Ltd can assist you in a strategic review of your existing scheme. Application of analysis techniques developed and proven with other leading high street retailers will ensure that your customer or business-to-business focus is both 'on target' and supported by your loyalty scheme.

Health check

Your existing loyalty scheme may have driven sales and improved customer loyalty when it was first launched. However the market is developing fast and it may be time to benchmark your scheme against the 'best in class' from your own and other retail sectors. pgw Ltd consultants have the experience and global perspective to assist you in this process. The consultancy has a very global overview of loyalty schemes that are setting the pace for innovation and effectiveness.

New Twists and Turns

Even the most effective loyalty schemes will require momentum to remain responsive, vibrant and interesting for your customers. If you and your marketing team are seeking some new inspiration on 'what next?' then pgw Ltd consultants have creative and practical solutions to offer.

Cost of Entry

Even the most successful loyalty schemes are going to require effective measurement and cost/benefit justification as the pressure to reduce costs increases. pgw Ltd consultants are able to draw upon a wide range of loyalty measurement and return on capital techniques to assist your marketing team to meet the financial targets of your business.

Merge forces?

The business environment is characterised by more and more mergers, acquisitions and take-overs. This is often going to lead to your newly merged marketing group facing the problem of what to do with two or more loyalty schemes and differing customer expectations. pgw Ltd consultants have been actively involved in successfully merging customer loyalty schemes in different cultures and business climates.


If the early promise has not been realised or the ground rules for your industry have changed then you may need to consider how to extract your brand from a loyalty scheme without causing severe damage to your customer goodwill and supplier relationships. This is a very difficult area and pgw Ltd has direct experience of the pitfalls and levers required to withdraw with minimum impact on your bottom line.

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